On true love

True love is when someone has hurt you more than you ever thought they could, but you can’t help loving them; true love is when despite your own heartaches, you can’t stop focusing on the other, and worry they’re never going to take care of themselves; true love is not having any resentment and hoping that at some point in time, were it tomorrow, in 6 months, 6 years, they might realise they miss you and you’ll still be there waiting.

True love is what I feel for him, something I cannot put into words, something I have never felt before, something I don’t believe I’ll ever feel again.

True love is seeing him looking sad and alone, realising he has lost too much weight, hoping he would let me back into his life to take care of him and help him get better.

True love is seeing the one and only person you thought you could ever spend the rest of your life with walk away from you, and not being able to do anything but cry, because what else are you supposed to do when the love of your life doesn’t want you anymore?

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